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Welcome to Café Mila! We Provide Gourmet Coffee from Honduras. Enjoy flavors from Copan, La Paz, and many other location where you get natural grown, NON-GMO, exclusive Coffee. Due to global warming, Gourmet Coffee is becoming less common to come by. Fortunately, Honduras is right in the center of the Coffee Belt and will continue to bring in Coffee of high caliber. So grab yourself a bag and start your day fresh with Café Mila!

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We started our business with one mission: providing the people of world with the finest selection of  gourmet Coffee From Honduras. Since opening our doors in 2022, we have been stocking our shelves with local and imported delicacies, ensuring you'll always find new and exciting flavors to try. Fill your kitchen with wondrous aromas—there’s something for everyone at Café Mila.

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1126 W. 37th St. San Pedro, CA



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